Kayak Yourself Healthy

Running always seem to be at the forefront of healthy lifestyle and keeping fit. But then not everyone likes running since it can do some real damage to your knees or ankles and has a high impact on other joints and bones too. Cycling is a bit kinder to your body, but how often do you get a fright when a car or lorry overtakes you and give you only inches of room?

Sea kayaking can be a great alternative to running and cycling. You won’t have any impact to your joints or bones and you most certainly won’t find road vehicles on the water.

Now you would think that it isn’t really a great workout. However, you really have to work your whole body to be efficient when paddling. The paddle strokes allow you to work your arms and shoulders naturally. There is more to it though. To be really efficient you need to use, what’s called, trunk rotation. You move your upper body with the paddle strokes to get more power out of it. Using your trunk for paddling will work your tummy and back muscles. In addition you would also press with your feet against the foot pegs as hard as you can with each forward stroke. So you will also work out your legs. As you can see there is more to it than meets the eyes. You can really work out your body and enjoy the sea at the same time.